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Importance of Hiking Poles


There are a lot of people would scoff at using hiking poles. Well, one reason for it is that they probably equate it to old age and that only the seniors are using it while on the trail.


What you should know is that you should consider bringing with you hiking poles whenever you're planning to go out for a hike in the wilderness. This article shows you the importance of hiking poles.


First of all, bringing walking poles ensures safety. Using the poles will guarantee you that you'll have a much safer hike. Hiking on a trail in the wilderness is far from what you experience when walking on a paved sidewalk. You have to know for a fact that trails are possibly full of obstacles that could actually cause you to trip and fall. This is especially true if you're hiking in areas with steep hills and gullies that have creeks. There are even areas where you might be required to cross over or perhaps even through creeks with fast running waters. You could even come across rocks that are mostly slippery which could cause you to fall quickly. Possibly the creek may have a large tree over it that serves as a bridge. These could be very slippery that even worms could slip and fall. If you are faced in these kinds of situation, a hiking pole will come in handy as it adds stability as well as help you maintain your balance.


Second of all, hiking poles will come in handy during medical emergencies. If you trip over a rock or a root or if you've stepped into a well-hidden hole you could easily fracture or break your ankle, legs, or even arms. At some point in your hiking, you might be required to climb over an innocent boulder where you might be tempted to jump. However, there will be times when that certain part of the boulder could have a wet surface which might cause you to slip and fall with your hand out to break the fall. If that happens, you'll definitely have a swollen wrist right then and there. With a hiking pole, you could possibly prevent experiencing all those pain and discomfort.


Moreover, hiking poles will also come in handy whenever there's animal attack. There were instances when hikers would come across some wild animals stalking them. With a hiking pole, you could actually swing the poles from side to side. These animals will get the message and will eventually back off leaving the area.If you want to learn more about hiking poles, you can visit


Getting a good pair of solid hiking poles to use whenever you go hiking is definitely a good idea for your own good. It could actually save your life someday, click for more info!